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            Beijing Council International Auction Company Ltd. was established in October of 2005, which sanction by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial and Business Administration, and is a comprehensive auction company.

            Council primarily concerned with the auctioning of Chinese classic, fine Chinese modern, Chinese antiques, Chinese modern oil painting and sculptures. As well as carry on real estates auction and other charity auction.

            Council always insist on the credibility and integrity and professional rules, following 'put our heart and soul to serve' code of practice, base on abundant experts and customer resources, council had achieved extremely successes on artwork auction industry.

            Council's competitiveness in artwork auction field has increased continuously base on core team that consists by professional talents. The dedication of service and honesty, work attitude and self-discipline is winning the support and trust of the community. In 2006 and 2007 of two "Chinese Art" Annual Award, gain "the most influential auction", the "most auction company with a growing power "award respectively. In 2008, "The millionaires Brand Preference Survey", obtained 'Best performance in the 2008 auction' award. Moreover council became the member of China Association of Auctioneers. In the beginning of 2009, Beijing Council International Auction Company Ltd. and Japan Shinwa Art Auction, the most famous auction company in Japan, formed a strategic partnership; the purpose of this movement is significantly in afterward. The "Landscape" (the hammer price 84,000,000Yuan) of Bada Shanren that set a personal auction record and Chinese classic painting and calligraphy and art world auction record in the spring of 2009. At the same time, council international auction company Ltd.(Hong Kong) has established, and held the combined auction with Japan Shinwa Art Auction, the result was brilliant. Autumn of 2009, the splash color masterpiece "Switzerland Snowy Mountain" (52,640,000 Yuan) of Zhang Daqian also break his personal auction record.In 2010 spring auction, Council sold 1200 lots and the total turnover was 1.085 billion, increased 55 percent compared last year, create the highest price record of single auction, and stand the fourth place in chinese art auction indusrty, also further illustrate “fewer but better” policy of Beijing Council. In 2011, the annual turnover is 4 billion Yuan, included 2 billion Yuan of Spring auction which created the highest auction record for single auction session. Moreover, ‘Wang shi yuan’ made by Mr. Wu Guanzhong had bid 5.175 million Yuan. For autumn auction, the total turnover is 18.15 billion Yuan, also there were for special performance had made 100 per cent sold, and there were 24 lot items’ hammer price over million Yuan, especially of ‘calligraphy’ of Yuan Dynasty which the final price over ten million Yuan, created the auction record of calligraphy of Yuan Dynasty.

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