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            Oil Painting and Sculpture

            The Department of Modern and Contemporary art was founded in 2006, a core team composed of experienced senior experts. While, department gets support and assistance from important collectors, famous galleries and brokers at home and abroad. Base on a good knowledge of art history and contemporary culture value, the professional services was provided by experts of modern and contemporary art department for collectors and investors.
            The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art put forward the concept of 'post-1989 artists' since 2006, highlighting the value of early artworks of Chinese contemporary art, leading the whole market trend. In previous auctions, bloodline series:big family by Zhang Xiaogang (sold for RMB 7.26 million Yuan), YoungGuoli in the memory of Delacroix by Maoyan (sold for RMB 1.71 million Yuan), Mask by Zeng Fanzhi (sold for RMB 9.35 million Yuan ), Great Criticism-Marlboro by Wang Guangyi (sold for RMB 11 million Yuan), New Generation Tibetan by Zhou Chunya (sold for RMB 6.27 million Yuan) and so on, all have become the dual focus ,both in academic field and auction market. In the autumn of 2007, 1980 Tibet Series-Sheppard by Chen Danqing was auctioned by Council at the strike price of 35.84 million Yuan, not only creating the highest auction price of Chen Danqing's works, also becoming one of the oil paintings auctioned at the highest price, which was lauded by many media.
            The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art also effort introduce young artists. In October of 2006, Council held its sale of 'Future Masters-Young Artists from the 70s Generation', and a group of artists that had never been put into auction before entered the market with approval. As the sales concretely proved, this auction was important in leading the art collection market in discovering and supporting the emerging force of contemporary artists. This unprecedented auction sale received unanimous praise from the arts world, and at the same time was also lauded by the media one of the significant art events of 2006. Among these young artists, such as Xiang Jing, Yin Chaoyang, WeiJia, Zhang Jian, Kang Haitao, Qu Guangci, Gao Yu, Chen Ke, Ouyang Chun, Li Kai and other young artists, the auction record of their works are all created by Council.

            You Yong 84400981 84400975/76/77-8038 yy@council.com.cn
            Business Representative:
            Wang Yonggang 84400975/76/77-8035 wyg@council.com.cn
            Xie Yang     84400975/76/77 -8007 xy@council.com.cn

            2006 Autumn Auction lot729
            Zhang Xiaogang
            Bloodline Series: Big Family
            1998 for
            2006 Autumn Auction lot844
            Mao Yan
            Kuo Li-Young-
            remember Delacroix
            1996 for