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            Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Department

            From council is established in 2006 till now,Chinese classic painting and calligraphy has been the major business of the company. For several years the company with professional level and ability held the field and won widespread support and high praise. As the core business departments of Beijing Council, Chinese classic painting and calligraphy department is composed of well-known cultural experts, and senior experts of art market. Its business scope covers Chinese classic painting and calligraphy collection, storage, display, auction, etc.. Besides it maintains friendly and close cooperation with famous museums, art galleries, private collection institutions and collectors at home and abroad.
            So far, Chinese Classic Painting and Calligraphy department has achieved spectacular achievements; set records for auction within the industry; formed the distinctive industry and social influence. For example, the "Landscape" (the strike price 84,000,000Yuan) of Bada Shanren that set a personal auction record and Chinese classic painting and calligraphy and art world auction record in the spring of 2008; the splash color masterpiece "Switzerland Snowy Mountain" (52,640,000 Yuan) of Zhang Daqian, "Close Spiritual Wander Book"(10,970,000 Yuan) of Zheng Yue, "Crag Bamboo Plum Blossom "(10,970,000 Yuan) of Jian Jiang and "Bamboo Stone Picture" (15,120,000 Yuan) of Zheng Banqiao set artist individual world auction record respectively in the autumn of 2009. At the same time, "Imperial brush Diamond Sutra book"of Yongzheng broke the court emperor's handwriting transaction record with 40,320,000 Yuan.

            Business Linkman:
            Peng Wei       84400975/76/77-8040 pw@council.com.cn
            Hou Huaichao     84400975/76/77-8014 hhc@council.com.cn
            Cheng Liangfeng    84400975/76/77-8016 clf@council.com.cn